How to Change the Screensaver on an AB Panelview Component Display

Changing the screen saver on an AB Panelview Component (PVC) display is simple - the second time you try it. The first time you attempt to change the screen saver will be a frustrating experience, unless you're reading this page! First of all, you cannot change the screen saver via the Ethernet port. You MUST utilize the mini-USB connection on the back of the display. All you need is a standard USB to mini-USB cable (see HERE) to gain access to the PVC root directory and change the screen saver. To utilize the USB port, you must have the USB RNDIS driver installed. You can download the driver HERE.

Once you have your USB A to USB B cable and the RNDIS driver installed, you must access the root directory of the PVC. You do this by typing the following address into your file browser NOT your Internet Browser: "\\" (do not include the quotation marks). Once you type the address into the file browswer and hit "Enter", you will be able to view the files of the root directory. Find the root directory labeled "ScreenSaver". Within this folder, you will find a single bitmap file, Screen Saver.bmp. The screen saver image that you wish to utilized must be named Screen Saver.bmp, just as the original screen saver file is named. After you've renamed the image file that you wish to use to "Screen Saver.bmp", simply copy your image file into the root directory folder, overwriting the existing screen saver file.

That's it! You're done. As mentioned in the initial paragraph, it'll be much easer the second time around.

Quick Start Steps:

  • Download the RNDIS USB driver
  • Connect to the Panelview Component mini-USB port using the USB cable
  • Access the root directory by typing "\\" into your Windows file browser (NOT your Internet browser).
  • Open the folder named "ScreenSaver" and replace the bitmap file named "Screen Saver.bmp" with the new image file, also named "Screen Saver.bmp".